About CRW Lighting

“Besides being passionate about what we do, we count forty plus years of experience with the design and manufacturing of custom lighting fixtures”


CRW Lighting Inc. is a NYC based lighting company specializing in Custom Lighting, Hospitality Lighting, Restaurant Lighting, Light Fixtures and Custom Light Fixtures.

Our company’s founder and president, Ram Ramoutar began his lighting profession in 1968 and continues his career in the lighting field to this day.

CRW Client list logosMany of the world’s most beautiful hotels, restaurants and architectural firms have relied on CRW Lighting’s inovative lighting technology to create the specific characteristic, mood or feeling they are looking for in their lighting project.

CRW Lighting designs and manufacture custom lighting fixtures for hospitality and architectural structures throughout the United States and around the world. We use our extensive lighting knowledge and experience to make your vision a reality by collaborating with various interior designers, architects, contractors.

As lighting technology continues to develop, architectural designers are moving beyond fluorescent lighting – toward the LED Light Bulb.

Led lightbulbArchitectural lighting design is benefiting from awareness about energy consumption and health benefits of past, current and new lighting technologies. Lighting is undergoing the next step in the revolution that can make lighting integration more cost effective, energy efficient and health conscious.

We are at the advent of a better lighting solution as LEDs gain more and more popularity. As such technology comes down in price this more optimized solution will contribute to better architectural designs. The predecessor to the LED is fluorescent lighting – known for its problematic side effects as described in the following:

Fluorescent lights use electricity to excite mercury vapor. The lights can flicker, which could set off epileptic fits, and badly made ones might leak ultraviolet radiation, and may thus pose a cancer risk. There are also concerns about the disposal of the toxic mercury vapor. (1)

Thankfully, a renewed lighting technology is on the forefront – the LED light bulb. Such technology is much safer and healthier as “these can be tuned to produce light that is similar to natural daylight but with virtually no ultraviolet or heat”. (1) The LED light bulb not only cancels out negative risks as emitted by the fluorescent bulb, but also provides positive health benefits for occupants when experienced indoors.

Because LEDs can be tuned to produce light similar to natural daylight; there is less negative impact upon circadian rhythms as experienced by occupants. This is of prime importance for occupants during winter months, or for those spending a great deal of time indoors. Light quality is key for keeping an occupant’s “body clock” in check; thus, it is architectural lighting design that can positively impact interconnected occupant moods.

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